Travels in India: Goa


Morning Catch

Here we are in north Goa where it’s hot, with clear blue skies and a warm ocean. Goa is a popular tourist destination so many of the beaches are crowded with beach shacks, vendors and of course tourists. However, there are lots of less well known beaches which are still unspoilt and beautiful. Long stretches of soft white sand with white capped waves on one side and tall coconut trees on the other. The best time to be on the beach is in the early morning soon after sunrise when the fishermen are out and in the evening before sunset, when it is cooler. Away from the coastline there are green rice paddy fields, cashew and mango trees as well as various tropical trees with brightly coloured blossoms. The fragrance of the cashew trees is what lingers in my memory and what I associate with Goa.

Shrine at Sinquerim Point

Further inland are forested hills and mountain ranges. We have rented a scooter and its really nice exploring the Goa along the back roads. There are white churches as well as temples dotting the countryside. Lots of little shrines everywhere even in front of people’s houses and well preserved old Portuguese style mansions.

Aguada Jail

This jail must be in one of the most beautiful locations in the world. Situated in Sinquerim  on the edge of the ocean with waves lapping on the wall below, coconut and other trees  behind and a wonderful view across the ocean. They probably get Goan fish coconut curry for dinner as well, made with freshly caught fish!

Mapuca Market

The nearest large town to where we are staying in Candolim is Mapusa which has a large market selling everything from various types of food and produce to jewellery and textiles each in its own little section. Even the produce is segregated with some stalls only selling fruit or coconuts or vegetables. I wonder how a vendor only selling bananas can make a living.

Anjuna Wednesday Market

Once a week there is a market at Anjuna beach which started as a hippie yard sale in the 60s and 70s where used items would be sold at the start of the hot season before the exodus to Kathmandu. It has evolved over the years to a huge market featuring vendors from all over India trying to sell craft items and clothing to tourists. We went there yesterday and some of the tourists were more interesting to look at than the items on sale! Tomorrow we are off to Hampi by train but more on Goa in a later post.

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