End of January in Rome


Mimosa in Bloom January 25th

In this time of sadness (see ‘In Memoriam’), it is heartening to return to Rome and find it warm and sunny with a feeling of spring in the air. This morning the sun was shining in a clear blue sky and on the way to the market, we saw a beutiful sight: Mimosa trees in full bloom. This is early even in Rome I’m told. The Nespole (see ‘Nespole or Loquats’) trees have already flowered and are now sporting tiny green fruits. Trees loaded with oranges are to be seen everywhere.

Oranges are a winter fruit and the market is full of various varieties, all very cheap. We bought ‘Tarocchi di Fondi’ for 1 Euro per kilo. Tarocco is a ‘Blood’ orange native to Italy and Fidz tells me that ‘Fondi’ indicates that it wasn’t grown in an orange grove/farm but picked from random trees. This may sound odd, but on our street alone, there are several orange trees covered with fruit which fall on the ground and rot. We would pick them but most are behind locked garden gates. Yesterday, one of these trees had just been pruned and the branches still loaded with fruit were lying on the ground. Since the gate was open, we went in and helped ourselves!  They were delicious though different from the Tarocchi. Incidentally, the reason for the red colour is that these oranges contain anthocyanins which are pigmented flavonoids supposedly good for you.

It is a comforting feeling after the death of a family member to remember that life is cyclical. Like plants which die in the fall and revive again in the spring, our energy when we die is not lost but transmuted into another form. Those of you who think I’m being romantic, go check out the laws of Physics!

BTW. Just in case you’re wondering, I can’t figure out why the central paragraph is highlighted in yellow but since I’m writing about oranges, maybe I won’t waste time trying to fix it.

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4 Responses to End of January in Rome

  1. Bernadette Dias says:

    Hi Joyce,

    I enjoy reading your blog and check to see where you have been travelling. Its very interesting. Yes blood oranges are very good for us it seems and they are also available here.

    Take care

    • joydaz says:

      Hi Bernadette,
      Glad that you are following my blog. I don’t think there’s any food item in Italy that one can’t get in London!

  2. ana bettencourt says:

    We have delicious oranges too!!!!
    I’m glad you’re enjoying.

    • joydaz says:

      Hi Ana
      I’ve heard that those California Navel oranges are superb but I don’t believe I’ve ever eaten a freshly picked one so you are lucky to have them close by 🙂

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