Goodbye Karma Roma

Sunset overlooking San Pietro from the Gardens of the Villa Borghese

Happy New Year to all my readers if there is anyone left after this extended silence!

It is almost a year since I published my last post and I think the time has come to wave goodbye to my blog. I started it when I first moved to Italy in May of 2012. I had been nervous about leaving Toronto and going to a place I knew nothing about where I didn’t speak the language. I had a large circle of friends in Toronto and of course my family so I thought of writing a blog to update them on what I was doing and what life was like there. I thought it might last for a couple of months and that I soon would have nothing much to say. Instead I continued for 11 years albeit with breaks inbetween.

The pandemic changed life for many of us and for me, it was giving up my apt in Rome and returning to Toronto for good. I did toy with the idea of going back every winter and renting an apt there for a short period instead of keeping one for my use all year round. However, my last visit to Rome in 2022 made me change my mind. It’s not the same living in a city where one’s abode is temporary and there is no point in changing things to make it feel more like ‘home’. So here I am in Toronto with no plans for moving anywhere.

I thank all my regular readers for following me for all these years. Through my blog, I made contact with schoolfriends who came upon it somehow and got in touch with me. It made me read up on the sights I was seeing in Rome so that I could write about them in more depth and I learned much more than I would have if I wasn’t writing it. I always enjoyed taking photos but I found myself looking at scenes with a different focus, and perhaps noticing things I might not have paid attention to. It has truly been a pleasure writing it and reflecting on different aspects not only of living in Rome but also of my various travels. Thanks to all of you who took the trouble to tell me that you enjoyed reading it and urging me to continue when I stopped.

And now, what next? I am not completely making an exit as my site will remain active for a few more months. I could continue writing about life in Toronto which actually seems exciting now that we have adapted to living with Covid but I have to decide on a new look and a new name. Any ideas?

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