New Beginnings and Happy Easter

Happy Easter

My sincerest apologies to my readers for this long hiatus. So long in fact that I’m not sure I have any readers left! I could use the excuse of lockdown and nothing much happening in my life which would be true to some extent. However, there’s no excuse for not bringing you all up to date with where I am and what’s going on. I can only say that I went through a difficult period since my last post and lost all interest in writing until now.

I would be lying if I said that it wasn’t stressful period trying to empty my apt in Rome a few months ago. I tried selling my furniture by posting it on an online site but given the pandemic, there was no interest and charity organizations were not accepting anything at that time. I finally sent photos of my stuff to all my friends asking them to pass them around to people they knew. All that anyone would have to do was to come and pick up the items they wanted. A friend of mine who has a connection with a library came and took all the Art and Design books, of which there were many, as a library she knew of had agreed to take them when they re-opened. Meanwhile, she was going to store them. Incredibly, I actually managed to donate everything I had including the plant pots on my balcony. All of this took a fair amount of planning, footwork and phone calls and was quite stressful. My sweet and dear neighbour, a young fellow called Lorenzo, came and helped me post things online and answer calls for which I will be eternally grateful. The things I wanted to keep were shipped to my apt in Toronto. This was the smoothest part as the shipper’s came, packed everything and took it away.

My last weekend was spent in a completely empty apt except for a camp bed lent to me by a neighbour and a small folding table which I was giving to yet another neighbour the day I left. My flight was at 9 am on December 1st and Loris’ brother Roberto kindly insisted on taking me to the airport which was quite a big deal as he lives outside of Rome. I never would have managed without the kindness of all my friends. It was sad seeing the apt completely empty but also a relief knowing that I no longer had any responsibility for maintaining an apt in Rome while being in Toronto for an extended period. My journey back involved three flights and is worth a post in itself. Suffice to say that I have absolutely no desire to travel anywhere by air anytime soon!

So here I am back in Toronto which has been in lockdown since I returned. I was quite happy to spend two weeks in quarantine with nothing to do and nowhere to go. There is still nowhere to go but I have managed to keep myself busy. A Happy Easter to you all given whatever lockdown conditions you may have wherever you are.

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