A Curious Incident

School Playground (red fenced off area marks where the boars were shot)

Cases of Covid are on the increase in Rome but not quite to the same extent as in other provinces. We are not yet a zona rossa but it could happen at any moment. All restaurants and bars have to close at 6pm and gyms, museums and cinemas are closed.

A few weeks ago when more people were out and about, I noticed that the playground at the bottom of the hill was closed which was strange as it had been full of children just a day or two before. On closer approach, I noticed that there were pictures and notices stuck to the fence. Apparently, during the night a wild boar had wandered in with six baby boars.

The police came and closed off the playground immediately which is not difficult as it is small and is surrounded by a fairly tall chain link fence. The children in the primary school next door were excited to see the baby boars when they came to school the next morning. I guess, nobody knew what to do about the boars or perhaps the Police came up with their own solution for that night at about 10pm, when there was nobody around, the mother and her brood were shot dead. Why they couldn’t have been anesthesized and taken into the country and released is not clear.

The children as well as the local community were horrified and saddened the next day and proceeded to set up a commemorative space in front of the gate by way of flowers, candles and cards.

7 Innocents Executed
Justice for the Boars…..Protest for Awareness

Needless to say, the incident was reported in the local daily newspapers and caused outrage among animal rights activists who immediately came and put up posters on the fence castigating the massacre of the boars.

There was an animal rights march and protest in Piazza del Popolo on the following Saturday.

There used to be a daily outdoor market close to the school but it’s closed and undergoing renovation so one can’t speculate that the mother came looking for vegetable scraps to feed her young.

The garbage problem in our neighbourhood continues and the bins are often overflowing which is possibly the reason for attracting wildlife but one thinks of mice and rats not wild boars! The playground remains closed and I’m not even sure if the school is still open with the latest Covid lockdown measures. With the market closed and very few people walking around, the neighbourhood is quiet and feels deserted. It’s likely the lack of humans that’s made wild animals less afraid to come into urban areas.

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  1. Di says:

    Wow. & this in the center of Rome within sight of St. Peter’s dome & the Vatican City

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