Happy Easter

This year Easter and Passover fall at the same time. Since both of these involve gatherings of family and friends, it is sad that we can’t get together nor celebrate the annual rituals both religious and otherwise. I don’t recall ever being on my own for Easter. I was reflecting on the fact that I didn’t even have a chocolate easter egg to mark the day when I remembered that I had painted eggs from times past stored away somewhere. I was able to find them and I put them on my coffee table. The red and green ones, which are real egg shells painted, I bought in Prague many years ago. Decorated eggs (kralice) are the hallmark of Easter in the Czech Republic. Tradition has it has girls decorate the eggs to give them to the boys on Easter Monday. I hope that now it is a more collective enterprise! The brown one is also a real egg dyed with onion skins which I tried to do a couple of years ago. As I recall, it wasn’t entirely successful so I think the one above was given to me by the person who showed me how to do it. The other two are papier mache from northern India but since they don’t celebrate Easter there, they are more likely to be a symbol of the Hindu belief that the earth originated from a cosmic egg.

Anyway, it has given me great pleasure to see my bowl of eggs on my coffee table and I’m glad I went to the trouble of finding them.

Although it is still quite cold in Toronto, there are signs of spring with crocuses, daffodils and forsythia starting to bloom which are lovely to come upon. We need any sign of beauty in these strange and terrible times we’re in. Despite the fact that we are in quarantine and confined to our homes, there are small pleasures still to be had and you just have to find them. So, even if you find yourself totally alone this Easter, make a nice meal, sit at your table as if there were company, and enjoy. Happy Easter and Passover to all my readers and stay safe.

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