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I know I have featured the above flowering mimosa in previous years but Icouldnt resist another picture. January was a wet and horrible month here. It rained almost every day without fail which is unusual in Rome. It does rain in the winter but usually for a day or two and then the sun comes out. Last week, it stopped raining, the sun came out and this wonderful sight is to be seen on the way to the market. It uplifts my spirits everytime I see it and it`s worth the slight detour.

Life continues on in what might seem a mundane way except that I find it all interesting for the most part. I am teaching English in a small office which is part of an international network whose official language of communication is English. The needs and abilities of my students are all different and I do individual lessons but I don`t have a syllabus to cover and exams to set so it`s quite laid back.

Once a week I go to my flute lesson. Its a long journey and takes up a whole afternoon but I like my teacher so I don`t mind. I have to take the train from where I live to an area called Ostiense where I catch another train. There is a pyramid in Ostiense which was built in 12BC by a Roman nobleman called Caius Cestius. It was the fashion for things Egyptian at that time on account of Mark Anthony`s involvement with Cleopatra.
The pyramid is incorporated into the Aurelian walls so you see the fortifications alongside. It rises up between the walls and never fails to amaze me by its presence.

My teacher, Alessandra, lives on the coast just beyond Ostia. She lives in an apartment on the top of her building and has a large terrace outside her music room. As I struggle to get a decent sound out of my flute, we see the ocean and little birds hopping around outside. Last week, I persuaded Alessandra to hold the flute while I took a picture as it was a lovely day and I thought of putting in a picture in my next post. I had to promise not to show her in person as she was worried about not being properly attired! She is a professional musician who plays in several orchestras in Rome and just gives a few lessons on the side to supplement her income. Life is hard for musicians in Italy as there are no positions that offer any security.
I am very lucky to have her as a teacher and I think she just took me on as a favour to her friend, a singing teacher who sings in my choir. I got my job teaching English through another choir member who was looking for an English teacher to teach in her husband`s office. Life works in strange ways.

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  1. Niamh Kelly says:

    An artistically rich post, mirroring an artistically rich life!

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