Birthday Adventure

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My sister gave me an exciting present for my birthday, a ziplining ecotour with Long Point Adventure Tours in southwest Ontario. To keep me company, she included her two children and son-in-law, and took on the task of babysitting the grandchildren. Many thanks are due…….

There were seven of us in our group with two guides. After being fitted out with helmets, safety gloves, harnesses and given a lesson on how to slow down and stop, we zoomed off through the tops of the trees.

The way it worked was that one guide went first while the second secured our harnesses to the rope and launched each of us off one by one.  Only one person at a time on the line which was a steel rope, and of course the first guide was already on  the arrival platform to make sure one landed safely. It was a most exhilarating feeling, flying through the air but not much time to admire the views except when you were standing on the platform waiting for everyone to arrive. The longest line was about 400 meters which doesn’t take long when you’re whizzing along. While waiting on one of the platforms, we tried edge walking which was exciting if a little scary.

There were about 14 lines and 8 platforms as well as a suspension bridge and a 40 foot rappel. Definitely not for people who are afraid of heights. The suspension bridge was fun and since we were secured to a rope we were able to hang over the side and get a good look both below us and at the tree canopy above.

I was not looking forward to the rappeling as I had no idea what it was but knew that it involved either climbing or down a rope. In fact it turned out to be easier than I imagined as it is simply being let down a rope and the speed can be controlled. I wished I could have done it again and gone a little faster!

We all enjoyed the morning. When we got back, my niece was relieved to find that her 4 month old baby, had slept in her stroller in the garden for most of the morning. My sister was relieved too! We ended the day with a fine Thanksgiving dinner replete with a bountiful harvest from the garden. A much appreciated ‘feel young’ birthday present.

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