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Old and New Sights in Paris

(click on pictures to enlarge) I know Paris fairly well having lived there for six months many years ago. However, I hadn’t been there for years so when two good friends who live there both persuaded me to visit, I … Continue reading

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Amalfi Coast Adventure

(click on pictures to enlarge) When my friends Wayne and Peter from Toronto came to visit and proposed that I join them on a trip to the Amalfi Coast, I was delighted to do so as I had not seen … Continue reading

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Cuban Farming and Crops

(click on pictures to enlarge) One of the things which struck me as we drove through the Cuban countryside was the amount of land lying fallow, 2.5 million arable acres sitting idle, I was told.  Given that Cuba imports 70 … Continue reading

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Cuba: Nature’s Delights

(click on pictures to enlarge) The majority of tourists to Cuba spend the best part of their time at a beach resort and so did I, many years ago. One of the reasons I went on this trip was because … Continue reading

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Cuba Tour: A Glimpse of Havana

(click on pictures to enlarge) Several months ago, my sister suggested that I might like to join a Nature Tour of Cuba organized by the Norfolk Naturalists of Southern Ontario. No not the ones who walk around naked (those are … Continue reading

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On the Move

(click on pictures to enlarge) I have joined a bookclub here in Rome and the first meeting I went to, was a discussion of ‘The Optician of Lampedusa’, by Emma Jane Kirby. The book is based on a true story … Continue reading

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How Did I Find Myself Here?

(click on pictures to enlarge) My flight to Rome involved a stop in Philadelphia. When I got there in the evening, the boarding gate was jammed with people and the airline staff were pleading for volunteers to give up their … Continue reading

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More Than Just the Leaning Tower in Pisa

(click on pictures to enlarge) Loris and I never got around to visiting Pisa although we always mean’t to go. The train to Pisa goes from a train station that’s just five minutes from our apartment and we always thought … Continue reading

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Troubling Times and More on Morocco

(click on pictures to enlarge) I’m back in Rome and have been busy with guests including my sister Florinda since I got back a little over a week ago. It was nice to have people here during these sad and … Continue reading

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Fes: A Medieval Time Capsule

(click on pictures to enlarge) Our drive from Marrakech to Fes provided a good opportunity to observe the changing landscape. We drove from the desert-like terrain of Marrakech, through rocky scrub, to the fertile area of the Mid Atlas region. … Continue reading

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