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Food Insecurity

Sadly, there is food insecurity even in a rich country like Canada. In 1983, a charitable institution called the Food Bank opened its doors in order to make food available for those who are in need, their motto being that … Continue reading

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Visit to a Winery in Frascati

The weather is still sunny and warm here and in between trying to organize and get rid of stuff, I’ve been able to enjoy an outing or two. I belong to the Canadian Club of Rome (CCR) which holds various … Continue reading

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Flattening the Curve

My self isolation ended a week ago but little has changed as the whole country is now more or less in quarantine in an attempt to flatten the curve. Those who can work from home have been directed to do … Continue reading

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American Thanksgiving in Bologna

I didn’t grow up celebrating Thanksgiving so it doesn’t mean too much to me. However, I do enjoy Canadian Thanksgiving as it is in early October when all the vegetables grown over the summer are harvested for the winter so … Continue reading

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A Quiet Summer in Toronto

Summer has ended and some of you might be wondering why I haven’t posted anything since June. I have been in Toronto enjoying a quiet time with occasional visits to cottages in the country, and there hasn’t been much to … Continue reading

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Slow Food and Tango in Pescara

Friends of mine Anne and Leslie from Ireland signed up for a tango holiday in Pescara organized by a tango teacher Simona Zaino who is Italian and lives in Dublin. They planned to spend a few days visiting me in … Continue reading

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Fes: A Medieval Time Capsule

(click on pictures to enlarge) Our drive from Marrakech to Fes provided a good opportunity to observe the changing landscape. We drove from the desert-like terrain of Marrakech, through rocky scrub, to the fertile area of the Mid Atlas region. … Continue reading

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Marrakech: A Feast for the Senses

  (click on pictures to enlarge) I flew from Rome to Casablanca where I met three friends from Toronto at the airport. One of them, Lindan, used to conduct food tours in Morocco in the past and knows the country … Continue reading

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Walking and Eating With Friends

(click on pictures to enlarge) Last weekend, I was down to using just one crutch which made it easier to hop on the bus and go a little farther afield. My increasing ability to walk happily coincided with the arrival … Continue reading

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Give Him Chicken Soup

(click on pictures to enlarge) Fidz’s pain continues and nobody can figure out what’s causing it though the latest diagnosis is that its a nerve pain. When the pain is out of control, he has no appetite and doesn’t even … Continue reading

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