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Happy New Year 2022

I doubt that I have any readers left and indeed my intention had been to fade into the sunset and be done with this blog but two things happened that changed my mind. The first was that I mentioned to … Continue reading

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Toronto’s Wildlife

Our lockdown in Toronto became a little less restrictive a week ago in that outdoor sports such as tennis and golf are now allowed. Two days ago, the stay-at-home order was lifted and up to five people can gather outdoors. … Continue reading

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Random Sights

Spring has well and truly sprung. The flowering trees are spectacular and there are spring flowers in bloom in all the parks and gardens. The weather has also gotten warmer and it is truly a pleasure walking around and in … Continue reading

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Languishing in Lockdown

Living life in lockdown seems to have become the norm as there is no talk of when it might end. Our Covid numbers are decreasing slowly and the government has initiated faster vaccinations in highly affected areas but given that … Continue reading

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A Brief Respite From Lockdown

Since last Saturday, the whole province of Ontario has been put into a more strict lockdown. A third pandemic wave has hit us and case numbers are going up everyday with Toronto being the worst affected. Around 50% of cases … Continue reading

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New Beginnings and Happy Easter

My sincerest apologies to my readers for this long hiatus. So long in fact that I’m not sure I have any readers left! I could use the excuse of lockdown and nothing much happening in my life which would be … Continue reading

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A Curious Incident

Cases of Covid are on the increase in Rome but not quite to the same extent as in other provinces. We are not yet a zona rossa but it could happen at any moment. All restaurants and bars have to … Continue reading

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Visit to a Winery in Frascati

The weather is still sunny and warm here and in between trying to organize and get rid of stuff, I’ve been able to enjoy an outing or two. I belong to the Canadian Club of Rome (CCR) which holds various … Continue reading

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Rome Without Tourists

My return to Rome was less nerve racking than I had expected. There were very few people at both Toronto and Rome airports and my flight was practically empty with rows of empty seats on the plane. I was able … Continue reading

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What’s Been Happening

Apologies to my readers for a very long hiatus. It’s not that nothing has been happening though it’s been less than usual given our Covid restrictions . Somehow, the isolation as well as the vigilance required to engage in social … Continue reading

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