My Rome Tango Experience

Davide and Marta, Saggio Teatro Nuovo San Raffaele June 2013

Last summer I was bemoaning the fact that I missed tango in Rome because the milongas were far away from where we live and tended to start late at night (Dance, Dance, Wherever You May Be). Since Fidz does not dance, this precluded me from going. Tango ClassLuckily, I discovered tango classes in my neighbourhood and to satisfy my addiction, I signed up. Not being able to speak much Italian, I was a little apprehensive but the people in the class were welcoming and friendly and consequently, I always looked forward to our Thursday evening class. I even made it to a couple of milongas, thanks to the young and beautiful Gloria who came from across the city to pick me up and drop me home.

Our Youngest Tango DancerOur teachers Davide and Marta (Davide & Marta Tango) are talented dancers as well as patient teachers. They bring their adorable baby Matteo to the studio and the whole class loves him. Our classes end quite late and though he’s with a babysitter, he’s tired towards the end and wants his parents so during practice time, they bring him into class and he too dances with us. What a great tango dancer that kid is  going to be!

Our classes ended last week and to mark the event, Davide and Marta organized a Saggio (performance) at a community theatre. We practised for the whole month and it was quite a feat getting our two little performances together as people in class are at varying levels of ability. However, Davide and Marta persevered and quite amazingly managed to get everyone up to speed.  Then there were all the discussions about what to wear and last minute shopping for accessories. Saggio, June 2013

Last Saturday was the big event and we strutted our stuff on stage. It was quite an experience dancing on stage. There’s always the worry that you might slip or fall or worse still that that your clothing might come undone but luckily all went smoothly. I have to say that I prefer to just dance for the love of it rather than to a set choreography but I met people from the other classes and got to know everyone better through our practices. I feel grateful to have met others in the tango community and to have made new friends. Maybe I will end up going to milongas more often now!1370265673299


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2 Responses to My Rome Tango Experience

  1. Julie wong says:

    Wow, love it, your writing is so fantastic, can’t wait to see the video, you are full of surprises, wow..way to go, Joyce!

    • joydaz says:

      Thanks Juliet. Life is full of surprises! Never thought I would be on You Tube. Check out the video that Davide and Marta (see Davide & Marta Tango Company)

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