Oh When the Saints Go Marching In

Seven New Saints

Finally, I have a found a movie theatre (Teatro Nuovo Olimpia on Via in Lucina) which shows movies in the original version, as opposed to dubbed in Italian which I find very annoying as the words don’t sync with the lips. Walking along Via del Corso last Saturday night after seeing the movie ‘Hope Springs’ with Meryl Streep we saw a Canadian CTV crew. We couldn’t think why they were here. Then on Sunday, I noticed that Il Papa hadn’t appeared to give his Sunday blessing. In case, I haven’t mentioned this before, we can see the windows of the Papal apartment from our kitchen window. We didn’t think more of it until Fidz’s brother called to say that a Canadian had just been canonized. We set off for St Peter’s where by now, the ceremonies had ended. Seven new saints from various parts of the world had been added to the roster of saints. Dare I say that some of their supposed miracles seemed dubious to me but I guess I belong to the category of “ye of little faith”!

St. Katerina Tekawitha

Our Canadian saint was Kateri Tekakwitha also known as Lily of the Tomahawks, a Mohawk woman born in Washington state but who lived the greater part of her life in Kahnawake, Quebec and who died in 1680. A group of Mohawks in full tribal dress had ushered in the dawn with chanting and drumming. Had I known this beforehand, I might have been tempted to come and see them though I must say that the number of times in my life that I’ve woken at dawn could be numbered on the fingers of one hand.

Pilgrims Attending Beatification

When we got to St. Peter’s square, it ¬†was still filled with pilgrims milling about. It was entertaining identifying which groups were supporting which saint. We didn’t see any Canadian groups but seeing that it was just past noon, perhaps they had all hurried off to lunch. Meanwhile, other groups had started sight-seeing around the city, still in a group and clearly identifiable as to which saint they were supporting. It made travelling out of our area temporarily difficult as the buses filled up rapidly.

Today, exactly a week later, we are at the airport waiting for a flight to Palermo where we are spending a week together with my sister and her husband who are here on a visit. Stay tuned for our adventures in Sicily!

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