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Outer Wall, Villa Medici

Toronto Fall Trees

Here we are back in Rome after a month in Toronto. Fall is such a spectacular season to be there. The leaves changing colours seemed more vivid than usual or perhaps we noticed them more because we were leaving. When we arrived in Rome, we were surprised to see everything looking so green and although the temperature has mercifully cooled, there is no sign of leaves falling despite some of the trees looking somewhat ‘tired’.

Piazza Cavour

One of the reasons for the greenery is that Rome has many pines as well as palms like in the Piazza Cavour which likely looks the same year round. Soon we will be saying, isn’t it boring how the landscape doesn’t change much! The weather, however, has changed and is mercifully cooler though still sunny and warm. Perfect for walking. Unbelievably, a few of those darn mosquitoes are still here. Mosquito magnet that I am, I’ve killed about five hovering around me in the apartment. I never expected to still find them here. Nor did I expect to be wearing a tank top some days and eating gelato like we did today when we walked up the Spanish Steps to the Academia di Francia in the Villa Medici to see an exhibition.

Our local bar, two doors down from us, had taken to having outdoor Karaoke on Friday nights over the summer but sad to say, it wasn’t always a pleasure to listen to the patrons. As I write this, they are in full swing so that will give you and indication of how warm it still is if people can sit outside at 11pm. Luckily, because the weather has cooled, we can close the doors and windows so it doesn’t sound like there’s someone singing loudly and badly right in your living room!

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