Fall Harvests

Vegetables From My Sister’s Garden

We are back in Toronto where there is that feeling that summer has ended and that its the beginning of autumn or fall as they call it here. One of the nicest things about being here is the steady stream of fresh homegrown vegetables that my sister provides us from their garden in the country (see ‘Turtle Eggs, Edible Weeds and Ginseng in Southwest Ontario). Her garden is so bountiful that I have started calling her Farmer Florinda.

Honey Mushrooms

Not only do we get fresh vegetables but supplies of wild mushrooms which she and her husband pick on their country walks. So far we have had Honey mushrooms, perhaps so called because of their golden colour and Hen of the Woods. Freshly picked Honey mushrooms sauteed in butter with a little garlic are delicious while Hen of the Woods are good for soup. Fidz sauteed them with onion and garlic, added broth and pureed it all to make cream of mushroom soup. Instead of adding cream, we served it with a dollop of yogurt.

Ramaria botrytis

The coral mushroom (Ramaria bortrytis) was a new find which my sister was very excited about though she did tell me that if I didn’t hear from her this morning to call 911! So a little warning to any potential wild mushroom gatherers, please make sure you know your mushrooms well. Fidz got a present of wild mushrooms from a friend once, which turned out to be poisonous and nearly killed me. After that, I didn’t care for mushrooms at all for a few years and would feel slightly nauseous if I ate them but now I seem to have gotten over that and can enjoy them once more but I’m very, very careful about where they come from!

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