A Minor Misfortune

Facade of a Building in Rome

We woke up one morning last week and on preparing to go shopping, found both our wallets missing. We had left the doors to the balcony open, on account of the heat, but one would need a ladder to climb onto the balcony so this did not seem a possible entry for a burglar. Also, the front door did not seem to have been tampered with so we were quite puzzled as to how the wallets had disappeared. It seemed unlikely that we could have lost two wallets in a day. Anyhow we had to to cancel the credit and bank cards. Fidz’s drivers licence and ID were also in the wallet and we needed the licence for the car which we had rented for this week to go on a trip. Luckily, he had a photocopy of the licence so off we went to report the loss to the carabinieri so that the photocopy could be considered valid. When we returned home, lo and behold, both wallets were sitting on the front step of our building with the cards intact but the money gone. Now we knew for sure that we hadn’t lost the wallets but that they had been stolen from the apartment while we were sleeping. We’ve become a bit blase and hadn’t double locked the front door so someone could have easily picked the lock. Very disconcerting as the main door of the building is always kept locked so how could a thief enter the building and worse still, could it have been someone from inside the building? This remains a mystery. In any case, we’ve changed the locks. The following day we were a little more fortunate. We were in a hurry to get home and pushed ourselves onto a crowded bus. Two men got in behind us even though it was clear that the doors now would not close. After much shoving and pushing, they suddenly jumped off but Fidz immediately realized that his wallet was gone and jumped off the bus too. He saw his wallet sticking out of one of the men’s pockets, grabbed his arm and got it back. All this happened so fast that the bus hadn’t yet moved off, so all was well and we got home with our money intact this time. I’m told that this is a common way to steal wallets on the bus so watch out if any of you get on a crowded bus in Rome!

Heraldic Symbol of a Roman Family?

The final part of this sorry story was that just before leaving on our trip, we discovered that both our cameras had also been stolen from the apartment. So here we are driving through some magnificent scenery and eating wonderful food but with no camera to document our trip. I will share our journey in my next post anyway. You may be wondering what the picture above has to do with this tale of woe. The building, which is on one of the roads leading from the Tiber to the Circus Maximus in Rome, has a beautiful and unusual facade. I don’t know much about its history but it is presently a convent. I always stop to admire it when passing by but really I know nothing about it. Fidz thinks the hand at the top is a heraldic symbol representing one of the old and wealthy Roman families. So why is it featured here? To me, it looks very much like a rude gesture which I’m offering to the thief who stole our cameras!

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  1. juliet wong says:

    oh, so sorry to read about your wallet went missing, but got it back without cash….ah, u see, it happens in every city, country.
    keep writing, love reading your tales of adventures, you are a great writer…miss you!

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