On The Move

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These are the feet of a presumed royal Egyptian figure dating from the 3rd century BC. It is all that remains of the colossal figure together with the base which contains a hieroglyphic script and which is to be seen in the Altemps Museum in Rome. They were found in what was once a Temple to the Egyptian god Iside in the area of Rome called Campo Marzo close to the Pantheon. There was a fashion for things Egyptian during the time of Anthony and Cleoptra and many artefacts were brought to Rome during this time. You may be wondering what this has got to to with anything. Well, the truth of the matter is that they are symbolic of the fact that I’m on the move again.
I’ve been back in Rome for about a week now. Glorious weather here, in the mid-20s during the day though cooler at night and in the early mornings. Perfect for walking and the city isn’t jammed with tourists so its a lovely time to wander around. All the activities that I’m part of, like my choir and bookclub are back in action again so it was a fun and busy week as soon as I arrived catching up with friends and getting back into to the swing of things.
Not for long though as I’m off to Goa. More of an obligation rather than a vacation but I’m sure I will find time for a few walks on the beach as well not to mention a beer or two. I’ll keep you posted!

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