Rome in July: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!


Rome in July is both a delight and a torment. On the good side, there are so many wonderful events happening in the city that it is hard to to decide where to go. From outdoor concerts of all kinds of music to dance performances, theatre, opera, guided walks and exhibitions, anything is possible. In one short week, we saw a contemporary circus show, a dance performance of Alice in Wonderland with music by Michael Nyman, and a jazz concert. Most outdoor events begin after 9.30 pm so there is plenty of time for dinner beforehand followed by a gelato. Needless to say, Rome is gelato heaven.  We are working our way through all the flavours and trying out different hotspots!

Benneton Sale Window

Then there are the sales which started last week. With discounts of 50 to 60%, its hard not to buy and I have to keep my eyes averted from the shop windows lest I get carried away.

So what’s bad? The heat and the humidity………….it’s hot, hot, hot, with temperatures in the mid-30s C and humidity greater than 50%. We feel like wet rags and stay indoors between noon and 5 pm if possible. Most places have no air-conditioning. Now I know how this practice of everything shutting down for the afternoon came about. Thankfully, the evenings are pleasant though there are mosquitos! They seem to enjoy being in our apartment and we can’t close the windows or we would melt. I always travel to India with insect repellant but I never thought I would need it here. My legs are covered with bites and keeping my legs covered is not an option in this heat!

And the ugly? Yes, you got it! The economic situation. Yesterday, Italy’s credit rating fell yet again so likely less jobs, more cuts, more strikes and more chaos. But looking around, one wouldn’t know that anything was amiss. The Romans continue to enjoy La Dolce Vita!

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