Back in Rome for Halloween

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1414846552715The Fall colours in Ontario were spectacular just as we were leaving. The intense reds of the maple trees never ceases to amaze me.

Back in Rome, it does not feel much like autumn except that there is sudden drop in temperature in the evenings once the sun has set. The days are still warm and perfect for walking. Crossing the Tiber a couple of days ago, it felt like summer with people kayaking in the river. The Romans of course, are wearing coats and boots while the tourists can be identified by their sandals and T-shirts.

1414846268921Yesterday was Halloween and I was thinking of the carved pumpkins and decorations I had already begun to see earlier in the week in Toronto. Halloween ┬áis not an Italian festival and the only evidence I saw of it here yesterday was this pumpkin outside a local cafe. A couple of kids were out in our neighbourhood but with minimal costumes, just a pair of fangs or a few smears of red paint to resemble blood and I’m not sure whether or not they were ‘trick or treating’ as I can’t imagine that anyone would have treats ready to give out.

Our return to Rome is a short one, just enough time to unpack and do laundry. Tomorrow we leave again for a week in Venice and the Veneto region. I will keep you posted!

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