Busy Bees and a Wedding

Robin and Ben’s bridal party in my garden

My niece Robin married her childhood sweetheart Ben in Toronto, on Saturday. I was honoured a couple of months ago, when she asked me if they could leave from my house for the ceremony. My porch has been in a state of disrepair for a while and what better time for a makeover than before this momentous occasion? The only problem was that I was going to be in Rome when the work would be done. How was I going to  manage this in my absence?

The original rundown porch

My busy bees, designer Biagio Galle and contractor Bob Ward came to the rescue. Biagio would send me design photos etc in Rome and deal with the details here in Toronto so that Bob could get on with the work. All was well until the week before I returned when the weather changed, and work ground to a halt. I returned to Toronto, juat a week before the wedding, not only to find that the porch was not quite finished but my garden was like a tropical jungle after all the rain! To make matters worse, I was battling a fierce cold so all I felt like doing was lying down. More busy bees had to be enticed to the hive. John Hanh and Anne Marie of Bernard Thibault Floral Artistry also do gardens, so they buzzed around my garden and brought it back to shape. The porch got finished and it is now a pleasure to walk up to my front door.

Walking down the renovated porch steps

On the day of the wedding, my house was ideal for hosting the bridal entourage and the garden was perfect for photos. The sight of Robin and Ben walking down my front steps with their parents watching will remain with me for years to come. To Robin and Ben,  may your fine romance continue to the end of your days.

Peace in my garden


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