Happy New Year 2014

1389100545294Happy New Year to all my readers from freezing Toronto. The ambient temperature today is minus 20C and minus 40C if you factor in wind chill. Exposed skin can freeze in minutes. We can’t wait to get out of here and thankfully, tomorrow we leave for India (maybe, if flights can take off!).

I hope all your new year’s resolutions have started out well. My two most pressing ones namely eating and drinking less, and exercising more, have not yet begun but soon…………! It seems that every year I make the same resolutions regarding healthy living. However, I sometimes ponder on resolutions to strengthen the spirit and so when we passed the taxicab shown above, I was very taken with the sign. Actually its an ad for a business course at Humber College but also something we should all strive for whether it be in our work or in our hobbies. So on that note, I hope you all get a chance to do more of what you love this year.

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  1. Niamh Kelly says:

    Have fun in India, I look forward to reading your blog entries from there


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