It Really Was A White Christmas


David, Lake Nipissing, Ontario

Terence, Lake Windermere

Terence, Lake Windermere, BC

1388391181875We had the proverbial festive Christmas with too much to eat and drink and we continued the week in this way, staggering from meal to meal. Many were not so fortunate. Toronto was hit by an ice storm and several neighbourhoods were without power for a number of days. Trees fell over, damaging cars and roofs of houses, and blocking some roads. People have been telling me that I bring bad weather as the last time I was here in the summer, we were hit by floods!

1388391085431Despite the chaos that the ice storm created, the landscape looked magical. Tree branches were covered with ice so that they glittered when the sun shone and with the ground covered in snow, it really was beautiful to look at.

“What do with the pictures above have to do with all this?”, you might ask.  My father loved to fish and some of my nephews have acquired his passion. They fish in all types of weather and here are two of them ice-fishing. One in BC on Lake Windermere close to the Alberta border and the other on Lake Nipissing in Ontario. In case you’re wondering the smaller fish is a pikeminnow (squawfish), and the large one a walleye.  In Canada, you have to find a way to enjoy the winter or you would be sitting at home for six months doing nothing.

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