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1376953413326In case you’re wondering why I haven’t posted anything for two weeks, its not because I’m having a wonderful and relaxing time and can’t be bothered writing but because I’m very busy and stressed out trying to get rid of all the stuff in my house. I have sold my house to my niece Robin and her husband Ben. For my regular readers, she’s the one who left for her wedding  from here when she got married a year ago (Busy Bees and a Wedding). Between living in Rome and only coming back to Toronto for short periods, I’m finding it too difficult to run a house and would prefer to have just a small apartment. Seeing as I don’t have one yet and I’m storing stuff with family members, I’m getting rid of almost everything except for a few pieces which would fit in a 1-bedroom apartment. Its no mean feat reducing a 3-bedroom house with basement, garage and garden to a handful of items.

1376953128931During the past two weeks I went through clothes, furniture, in fact all my worldly goods. I gave away things to family and friends, sold what I could and finally had a garage sale on Saturday with what was left. Garage sales are a wonderful North American phenomenon. When Fidz first came here in his early 20s straight from Italy, he saw lots of signs saying ‘Garage Sale’ and wondered why so many people were selling their garages! In a Garage Sale, you just put everything out at a low price, put up a few signs in the neighbourhood advertizing it, and people come by and buy what they want.  Things can be found at a fraction of the cost to buy it new and everybody is satisfied. Its a wonderful way of recycling used items and making a little money at the same time.

1376954505671It was quite exhausting preparing for the sale as all the stuff had to be organized in boxes and priced. On the day of the sale, early birds started lining up half an hour before the sale began while we were still in the process of displaying the stuff. We were lucky to have a lovely sunny day, not too humid and though it was busy at times, it was fun.  Lots of people came by to check it out and stayed to chat. I couldn’t resist taking this picture of my youngest customer Chloe. She was smiling when she arrived but she didn’t find anything that suited her as there were no toys which is why she looks a little disgruntled!

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