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Phrase for 2017: Alternative Facts

(click on pictures to enlarge) Since I don’t have to get up early and rush to work, one of the things I enjoy first thing in the morning is having my coffee in bed while reading the news online. I … Continue reading

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What a Week!

(click on pictures to enlarge)  Central Italy, Image Origin: USGS Map, CNN The earthquakes in Abruzzo, central Italy, have caused havoc coming so soon after the previous ones in August and October. I was pottering around at home on Wednesday … Continue reading

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Cold in Rome!

(click on pictures to enlarge) I arrived in Rome a week ago to be greeted by temperatures similar to Toronto. The water in all the fountains had frozen and long icicles were to be seen hanging off the edges. Icy … Continue reading

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‘No’ Means?

(click on pictures to enlarge) The ‘No’ result of the referendum held a few days ago has created political turmoil in Italy. The referendum was on whether or not changes to the constitution should go ahead. As it stands, it … Continue reading

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Climate Change

(click on pictures to enlarge) Our Thanksgiving in Canada was just a little over a week ago. I spent it at my sister’s cottage in south west Ontario. A rural area full of apple orchards, pumpkin fields and other harvest … Continue reading

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Open Doors

(click on pictures to enlarge) This is the Jubilee Year in Rome. The Porta Santa or Holy Door to the Papal basilicas, of which there are four in Rome including St. Peters, have been opened for pilgrims to walk through. … Continue reading

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A Summer Delight

(click on pictures to enlarge) I’m glad to be in Rome at this particular time as the summer opera season at the Terme di Caracalla has just begun. The venue is spectacular and to sit there outdoors watching opera is … Continue reading

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60 km in Four Days

(click on pictures to enlarge) My foot has healed well I think, since I walked 60 km in 4 days this past week. Two more friends from Dublin came on a visit and the first day, we somehow covered 15 … Continue reading

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Reflections on Solitude and Loneliness

(click on pictures to enlarge) After my guests left, the apartment felt empty and silent and I missed having company. Although I enjoy my solitude and don’t need to be with people all the time, I felt a bit lonely. … Continue reading

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Walking and Eating With Friends

(click on pictures to enlarge) Last weekend, I was down to using just one crutch which made it easier to hop on the bus and go a little farther afield. My increasing ability to walk happily coincided with the arrival … Continue reading

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