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How Did I Find Myself Here?

(click on pictures to enlarge) My flight to Rome involved a stop in Philadelphia. When I got there in the evening, the boarding gate was jammed with people and the airline staff were pleading for volunteers to give up their … Continue reading

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More Than Just the Leaning Tower in Pisa

(click on pictures to enlarge) Loris and I never got around to visiting Pisa although we always mean’t to go. The train to Pisa goes from a train station that’s just five minutes from our apartment and we always thought … Continue reading

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Troubling Times and More on Morocco

(click on pictures to enlarge) I’m back in Rome and have been busy with guests including my sister Florinda since I got back a little over a week ago. It was nice to have people here during these sad and … Continue reading

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Fes: A Medieval Time Capsule

(click on pictures to enlarge) Our drive from Marrakech to Fes provided a good opportunity to observe the changing landscape. We drove from the desert-like terrain of Marrakech, through rocky scrub, to the fertile area of the Mid Atlas region. … Continue reading

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Marrakech: A Feast for the Senses

  (click on pictures to enlarge) I flew from Rome to Casablanca where I met three friends from Toronto at the airport. One of them, Lindan, used to conduct food tours in Morocco in the past and knows the country … Continue reading

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A Truly Canadian Experience

(click on pictures to enlarge)One of the highlights of summer in Canada for many people, is canoeing in the wilderness. I’m a bit of a wimp and a feeble paddler but I’m lucky to have my friends Jocelyn and Jeanette … Continue reading

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60 km in Four Days

(click on pictures to enlarge) My foot has healed well I think, since I walked 60 km in 4 days this past week. Two more friends from Dublin came on a visit and the first day, we somehow covered 15 … Continue reading

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A Momentous May 21st

(click on pictures to enlarge) May 21st has always been a special day for me as it is Loris’ birthday. He would have been 68 this year. The only request he had made regarding his funeral arrangements was that the … Continue reading

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The Italian Healthcare System

(click on pictures to enlarge) Living in a foreign country, one doesn’t become familiar with the healthcare system unless the need arises. Unfortunately, the need arose and I’ve found more about healthcare in Italy in the past month than I … Continue reading

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Auguri di Buona Pasqua

(click on pictures to enlarge) Easter or Pasqua is a big festival in Italy. It marks the end of Lent which consists of 40 days of prayer, fasting and abstinence. Not that too many lay people take that seriously but … Continue reading

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